Going back to Prague, this was a shot taken around the Prague Castle area.  Like the Queen's guard in England, I'm certain these soldiers are well-used to having their photo taken, though I didn't try to see if I could get any of them to crack a smile.  😛

Off to the office – have a good day folks!

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    with sunglasses – that's awesome!

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    They're just too cool for anything else +holger feroudj  :p

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    sorry jeff i saw on my own
    chancing the guards in london
    and soldier on entry to
    prague castle
    but this is not same
    !!connection yes.
    but prague castle and
    buckhingham palace
    are icons!!
    same but original different
    i mean soldiers too.
    i n prague much smaller
    like in london
    but it like mixxing
    tokio and osaka:/
    everyones unique
    dont mixx it togehther
    prag castle is smaller
    like london buckingham
    no doubt!!
    but..on his own.!!
    best regards©2014
    ps-i must photo
    from prag castle made 2013
    on my google+
    and you ll see;)
    have a nice weather
    thankz jeff-your notice
    makes me jump;))
    more than milion
    tourist came to prague
    east countries..
    and you not:))dead boring.
    you ll missed it:)))!!

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    sorry for missing words
    on my comments,blimey!!
    changing the guards
    not chancing fool.
    im sorry

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