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Giant robot/ball/snake/man-thing…

I don’t really know what this movie is about, and I have no idea what is happening, but it looks so ridiculously over the top that I’m going to find a way to watch it somehow. 😀



Before and After – Victoria Peak in HK

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I took the picture above when I was in HK last year (click to embiggen).  On one of my rare evenings off after work, I took the tram up to Victoria Peak and took some pictures.  It’s shots like these that make me glad I shoot in raw – while the picture as it stands is (barely) “ok”, it really pops when you’re able to bring out the light.  The final result is a pseudo-HDR image, involving editing in RAW to first bring out the light, with additional processing in Photomatix.  You can see the “after” image on my gallery page HERE.



I can’t believe it’s already been almost 2 months since my last post!  I really have no excuse save for the usual “it’s been busy”…

Last month was especially hectic – J4 dropped by Tokyo to visit for a week before heading to visit the land down under, immediately after he left I was sent on a working trip (emphasis on “working”) to Singapore and was there for 2 weeks, working my derriere off.

Oh, and just before I left, my laptop display gave up the ghost, leaving me essentially computer/internet-less for almost a month.  And did I mention it’s been busy?

Things don’t look to be calming down at work any time soon, but at least I have a new computer now (will post on that later) and can get online!  Will also have to get back to the picture challenges, and I also have more pictures I need to eventually upload to the gallery section.

Though posting is still going to be sporadic, at least I’m back. 🙂