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Tokyo Marathon

Tomorrow's the day of the 2014 Tokyo Marathon… and I'm participating!  The problem is – I've barely practiced…

I started practicing in the months of October and November, but when the cold weather started, I retreated into hibernation mode.  😛

So we'll see how it goes tomorrow.  I'm sure I can complete stamina-wise – I'm just not certain if I can make it within the allotted cutoff points  (>_<)

Below are shots I took during last year's marathon – if you get a chance to check out the streets of Tokyo tomorrow, you might see similar characters running by (including me lagging behind waaay in the back).

I'm off to bed – need as much rest as possible.  Good night from Tokyo!

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Tokyo is once again experiencing some unprecedented snowfall today, and it's expected to carry on at least overnight.  Snow is still relatively exciting for me to see, and (as long as I'm appropriately dressed) I rather enjoy stomping through the drifts.  🙂

It was already snowing briskly when I left home around 6AM this morning, and these shots are just a few images I took on the way home early this evening.  I knew I didn't want to lug the D800e around with me (snow + wind + umbrella + work bag does not make for a stable environment, which is a requirement for that camera), but I dug out my old X10 and had a bit of fun shooting on my way home.

Nothing too fancy, just scenes of today's snowstorm around Jiyugaoka 🙂

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Snow monks

This photo was actually taken last week , during the big snowstorm that buffeted Tokyo.  If I recall what the news said – the most snow to hit Tokyo in almost half a century?  

Regardless, I ventured out to the same location I went to last year – Meiji Jingu shrine, and shot around a little, joined later by +adithya anand and +Aaron Tang .  

I hope to upload the rest of my images later (still struggling with website configuration as I mentioned forever ago), but thought it would be appropriate to post this today since we're experiencing another round of heavy snow in Tokyo this morning.

Stay warm, stay safe, and TGIF all.

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