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Photography and daschunds don’t always mix + plus 1 more

I came across this video on a photography site that I was browsing and as one who has recently started in photography and has always loved dogs, I thought it was too funny not to share!


Also came across this music clip via Stuckincustoms – a violinist (Charles Yang) and a ukulele player (Jake Shimabukuro) duet. From what I understand, they had just met the day before, but they really mesh well together and look like they’re having a ton of fun! (you can see at the end that the violinist has literally shredded his bowstrings!)

Humor News

Careful of those bananas!

In its usual humorously informative way, XKCD created the following chart which provides another measure of understanding radiation exposure.

Exposure to 1 Sv all at once (as opposed to spread out over time) is dangerous, and qualifies as minor radiation sickness.
1 Sv =  1,000 mSv (millisievert) / 1 mSv = 0.001 Sv
1 Sv = 1,000,000 ?Sv (microsievert) / 1 ?Sv = 0.000001 Sv

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More information can also be found HERE.

And from Wikipedia as well.


Giant robot/ball/snake/man-thing…

I don’t really know what this movie is about, and I have no idea what is happening, but it looks so ridiculously over the top that I’m going to find a way to watch it somehow. 😀



Joe Wong on C-SPAN

Though C-SPAN usually makes me fall asleep, this gave me a few chuckles (don’t take the subtitles too literally – they’re autogenerated by a computer and some of the words just don’t make sense)

Humor News

Cute alert!

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This isn’t particularly newsworthy, just something to make you go “d’awwwww”. 🙂

The Telegraph ran an article a few days ago of what is becoming a yearly tradition of duckling rescues by the employees of a Spokane bank.

Click on the link above to read more, or click HERE for a slideshow (hover your mouse over the picture to see arrows that will bring you the next picture in the series).


Whilst I wait…

Still in the office, waiting for an install to complete, and thought I’d post this since it made me smile.  I want a kitty!!!


Matrix Ping-pong

This had my brother and I in stitches!

Matrix Karate was also quite funny. 🙂


I’m surfing le “toile d’araignée mondiale”!

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since my last post… I think this is the longest I’ve gone without writing anything.

Not much to report on my end, though since I’ve been on early shift for the last few weeks, I’ve been pretty tired – it’s just not that much fun to wake up at 0530.  At least the holidays are coming up!  The office closes from the 31st to January 3rd, and we’re back to work on the 4th.  Not a very lengthy holiday, but it will be nice to have even those 4 days off.

M’brain is a little fuzzy from sleepiness so I think I’ll end this here, but before I go, here’s a link to an article that had me laughing out loud (especially funny for those who speak/read French, but that’s not a prereq)

The French Get Lost in the Clouds Over a New Term in the Internet Age

Podcasting = “diffusion pour baladeur”?

Snowboarding = “saut acrobatique sur tremplin de neige”???

But my favorite was probably “toile d’araignée mondiale” (World wide web)

Make sure you read the side blurbs too! 🙂

Humor News

Driving test tomorrow

Well, I’ll be going in tomorrow morning for my driving test!  I’m not sure how I’m going to do actually, since I have only once passed my practice tests.  The rest of the times I’ve only scored in the 80’s…

To be honest, I keep falling asleep… part if it is just tiredness from early shifts, (meaning I wake at 0530), and part of it is just that… my brain starts numbing out halfway through the 100 questions… we’ll see how it goes tomorrow…

Hopefully though, I won’t turn out like this.  While I admire the tenacity of the woman (though 950 is a suspiciously tidy number), I do have to say that I’ve got some concerns about someone taking that long to pass the driving test…