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Rainbow Bridge, Reflected

This was actually shot during the G+ 3 year anniversary photowalk, but I wanted to put it in its own post, rather than lumping it together with my other shots from that day (^^;

I almost didn't get this shot – just as I was preparing to shoot, it started raining, ruining the reflection in the water.  I started walking away, but after a few seconds, I noticed the rain was already starting to taper off, so I retraced my steps, set my camera as low as I could (without actually dipping it in the water), and fired off a couple frames.  Kinda like how it turned out 🙂

Goodnight from Tokyo!

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G+ 3 Year Anniversary Photowalk #2

As mentioned in my earlier post, this is the second batch of images, post-Haneda.  And now, I'm off to bed – good night from Tokyo!  🙂

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G+ 3 Year Anniversary Photowalk

Hard to believe that it's already been 3 years since G+ was launched.  I've met some great folks on here, people that have educated and inspired my little photography hobby, people that I have come to meet in real life and been glad to call friends.

Yesterday a large group of us in Tokyo gathered to celebrate the 3rd year anniversary of G+ by spending the day shooting at various locations around Tokyo.  Despite the bad weather, a very large group assembled and we all had a great time thanks to the super organizational efforts of  +kyoko doi , +mica nagami , +masanobu tanzawa , +Y?ki Sakurai +N Koizumi +Takahiro Yanai , +Takafumi Ooshio , and +ei takeuchi  – thanks guys!  🙂

We started off at Haneda airport, which turned out to be a pretty cool location to shoot in.  An airport is like a condensed city in a way, with cool structures and people of all kinds bustling to and fro – lots of things to see.

As I'm still going through my images, I'll upload them in 2 batches: Haneda and post-Haneda.  Have a good weekend all!  🙂

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Mid-day break

You can't see them, but there are loads of tourists down below.  He's probably glad he's got his own little spot of quiet up there with the pigeons.

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I think they can still squeeze a couple more up there


Do not move for the next 30 minutes

Caricature and portrait artists are a common sight along Charles bridge, many of them quite good.  I've personally always admired people who are able to take a pen/brush to paper, and create an image from nothing.  Makes my photography feel like cheating (^^;

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Wooden Ice Breakers near Charles Bridge, Prague

I'm sure these ice breakers and their reflection in the water have been photographed hundreds of times because they are quite eye-catching.  I took a bunch from many different angles – not sure if I'll post the others, perhaps in the future 😛

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Prague, inside the St. Francis of Assisi church

I really need to go through and process my photos.  Though I still take photos regularly for fun, it feels like the bigger the backlog, the less enthusiasm I have for going through and editing/uploading them…

As the title states, this is a quick shot of the interior of the St. Francis of Assisi church in Prague.  I took very few interior shots throughout my Europe trip because one can't very well take a tripod into a church and start shooting, and though the interiors are beautiful (often amazingly so), they're also quite dim – and I just don't want to shoot with high iso because I'll end up deleting those shots in the end anyway.

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Never-ending flow of traffic

Went out last Saturday evening to shoot around my neighborhood.  I had planned to do long exposures of trains (which I did take), but this, the unplanned shot, ended up being more interesting for me.  

I probably wouldn't have taken this shot if it weren't for Gioppi tagging me in some #5dayquest  .  I ended up shooting for 5 days in a row, but the weekend shots (in other words, this and Sundays shots) were the best, which is a bit of a bummer because it means I started out strong but finished on a weak note (^^;

It was still fun though 🙂

Good night from Tokyo!

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