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Going back to Prague, this was a shot taken around the Prague Castle area.  Like the Queen's guard in England, I'm certain these soldiers are well-used to having their photo taken, though I didn't try to see if I could get any of them to crack a smile.  😛

Off to the office – have a good day folks!

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Old, new, and everything in between

Architecture in Prague (and perhaps throughout Europe?) is pretty cool with its mix of old and new structures, homes and apartments rubbing shoulders with ancient cathedrals.  Perhaps a common sight for Europeans, but not something I've observed very much in a metropolis like Tokyo.

Have a good weekend folks, and good night!  🙂

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St. Vitus Rising

St. Vitus' Cathedral certainly stands out, and is even more impressive up close.  I have another shot of it that I'll post later to give a sense of scale.

For now though, gotta rush to work.  Have a good day! 🙂

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Looking up

Just another view of the St. Francis of Assisi church in Prague.  The amount of detail is just phenomenal!  This was the only church I was allowed to bring a tripod in (briefly) since it was at night, just at closing time, and the staff graciously permitted a couple of quick shots. 🙂

Have a good day all!

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John of Nepomuk

There are many statues and displays of this particular saint in Prague, enough so that I actually went to look him up on Wikipedia.  As with many historical figures, there are different stories surrounding John, but he still sounds like a person who stood for his beliefs, and didn't even let a king push him around, so I can understand why he'd be admired.


I think I have another photo of his that I may upload later.  For now though, we're battening down the hatches as a typhoon is supposed to hit Tokyo early tomorrow morning.  

For those of you in Tokyo, stay safe and good night!

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T'ain't Pinocchio

Puppet shops seemed to be fairly common in Prague, at least around the old quarter and castle area.  These are not the cute little dolls one usually thinks of though – they're often a little scary, if not creepy.  Saw plenty of witches for example.  Still, most of them weren't quite this big!

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A view of Prague

A quick shot of Prague as we were leaving the castle quarter, I believe this was taken not too far from the Strahov Monastary, a peaceful place far (at least at the time) from the more bustling castle area.

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I present to you… a wall


I remember taking this photo of a wall because I noticed that the designs weren't painted on, but looked to be "etched" in the stone (ie, the wall is white, but the dark areas are where the top layer of the stone/material has been scraped off).  I guess I should have taken a close up instead…

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! (work for me, sadly)
G'night from Tokyo!

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Prague Castle "Orchestra"

These guys seem to perform regularly in the Castle Quarter in Prague – they were quite good, and fun to listen to!

Also found this 30+ second clip on Youtube from 2008, so they've been at it for quite some time!


TGIF! (at least in this corner of the world)

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