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Awaodori performance

Don't usually do video, but came across this sudden performance by this group yesterday (I believe they are called "maichoren" (???????)) and managed to get most of their show.

Even though I wasn't in the best location (behind instead of in front), it was still really fun to watch!

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The show's about to start

Took this yesterday evening in Koenji – these dancers were standing down a small side road getting ready to perform.  

The Koenji Awaodori takes place every year at the end of August, and features a weekend where dozens of performing groups dance in the streets for hours.  The street dances officially start at 5PM, but I highly recommend going there earlier in the day as there are often impromptu shows popping up all around the town (I managed to film  brief video of one which I'll upload to Youtube soon).  
There are also theater performances, but I have yet to catch one of these – next year for sure! 

If you're in Tokyo, you can still catch the last day of performances tomorrow – definitely an experience worth trying!
For better images, check out +Jason Arney 's stream – he's been shooting these for a couple years now and knows more about them than I ever will.

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For the readers out there :)

My long time (seriously, going on 14 years now..) friend and fellow geek +Neal Hicks  has just finished writing his first novel and has started a campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for the final phase of editing and printing his book.  It's almost halfway funded so it's looking good, but he could still use more help!  So if you're into reading (especially sci-fi), do take a look at his project on Kickstarter (or share it with other readers in your life) 🙂

In my case, I'm extra excited about seeing his book getting published because he will be using one of my images as the cover!  So I can't wait to finally get to read it 🙂

Good night from Tokyo!?

Pathways Science Fiction Novel by Neal Akasaka — Kickstarter
Neal Akasaka is raising funds for Pathways Science Fiction Novel on Kickstarter!

A young boy discovers a relic of a lost technology that changes his life and his world forever.


It's all about bread

+andrew gram is having another exhibition (man that guy is prolific!), and it's all about bread – or, at least I assume it is, given the title.  If you're in Tokyo next month, check it out!  Details here: 

(picture below is totally unrelated to Andrew's exhibit, but coincidentally, I found myself helping in a bakery a couple weeks back and couldn't help taking some photos ;)?


Merry Christmas

I know I've been absent from social media for quite a while, but just wanted to wish everyone happy holidays!  (hope you like dogs)  :)?



Some very sad news today – Robin Williams has died, apparently by suicide

I've always enjoyed his movies, and despite his manic personality (or perhaps because of it?), thought that he was extremely talented. Apparently he also struggled with depression which, for someone like me who always saw him as upbeat and full of energy, is something which is hard to fathom.

Came across this link via pourmecoffee – on depression and getting help.  It is hard to imagine that depression can have such a crippling effect on one's life, but it's important to recognize that it does exist, and one can get help and fight it. 

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Embedded Link

BREAKING: Actor-comedian Robin Williams Found Dead
SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Officials are investigating the death of Oscar-winning actor Robin Williams. Williams was 63. The Marin County Sheriff’s Office said that Williams was found unconscious Monday afternoon at about 12:00 p.m. inside his residence in unincorporated Tiburon in Marin County, north of San Francisco. Officials suspect the death to be a suicide…


A bit of silliness


would you just shut UP already…


I'd taken this some time ago, not sure what made me remember it today.  Good night all, hope you have a good week!

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Deliberately blurred

Had the chance to see the Edogawa fireworks last Saturday with some friends from work – the weather was ever so much more accommodating compared to the Adachi fireworks 2 weeks ago!

Since I've already taken lots of "normal" fireworks photos, I thought I'd play around with focus blur, just for fun.  It was my first time, and a little harder than I thought since it's hard to focus manually in the dark!  Still, I enjoyed it – though I think overall I still prefer "normal" fireworks since it's less hit-and-miss, especially in regards to composition (most of those shots are greatly cropped)

I'll post the a few "normal" shots later as well, but for now, goodnight from Tokyo 🙂

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