Psychic takoyaki!

Filing this under the “odd things in Japan”, but apparently this cook claims he can change the flavor of his takoyaki at the snap of his fingers.

Personally I think that either the TV show commentators are in on the joke, or else they’re extremely impressionable young guys.  The funny thing though… is that I passed them during the filming of this segment!  This takoyaki store is about a 5 minute walk from my apartment, and I pass there whenever I want to go to the larger supermarket nearby.  I remember one day passing by there after coming home from an early shift and seeing a small crowd of people outside the shop, together with a camera crew.  I didn’t stay and gawk, but went on to the store, and saw them again (including the 2 young men) as I was returning home.

I may not believe in his “psychic” powers, but he does make some pretty tasty takoyaki. 🙂

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