Controlled chaos

Fireworks (hanabi) season is starting in Japan now, so you will be seeing a bunch of fireworks photos uploaded by folks in Japan over the next couple of months :)

This was taken at the Adachi fireworks on Saturday – the event proceeded despite a downpour that had all of us totally drenched (we're a little more water-resistant than our cameras, so all rain protection went into keep our gear as dry as possible)

 Fortunately not much lightning, and the rains started to taper off just as the fireworks began.  Big thanks to +Agustin Rafael Reyes and DJ for finding this great spot and holding it, as well as +Giovanni Piliarvu and +Nithin Selva for the pleasure of their company.  

Off to work now, have a good day all!

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Lightning strikes more than once

Did anyone get caught in today's thunderstorm?  I went out for a jog this afternoon, and literally 30 seconds after I got back home, it started pouring buckets.  Then… the power went out.  It was only out for about a minute, but was the first time that I've experienced a power outage in Tokyo!  

I then decided to grab my camera and try to capture some lightning shots.  Unfortunately, the view from my window is not really ideal since I'm level with the power lines.. :(
But still, it's the first time I've captured lightning shots, and it was fun.  Nature's scary, but also awesome :)

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Old, new, and everything in between

Architecture in Prague (and perhaps throughout Europe?) is pretty cool with its mix of old and new structures, homes and apartments rubbing shoulders with ancient cathedrals.  Perhaps a common sight for Europeans, but not something I've observed very much in a metropolis like Tokyo.

Have a good weekend folks, and good night!  :)

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Looking up

Just another view of the St. Francis of Assisi church in Prague.  The amount of detail is just phenomenal!  This was the only church I was allowed to bring a tripod in (briefly) since it was at night, just at closing time, and the staff graciously permitted a couple of quick shots. :)

Have a good day all!

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John of Nepomuk

There are many statues and displays of this particular saint in Prague, enough so that I actually went to look him up on Wikipedia.  As with many historical figures, there are different stories surrounding John, but he still sounds like a person who stood for his beliefs, and didn't even let a king push him around, so I can understand why he'd be admired.


I think I have another photo of his that I may upload later.  For now though, we're battening down the hatches as a typhoon is supposed to hit Tokyo early tomorrow morning.  

For those of you in Tokyo, stay safe and good night!

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