Tokyo Game Show 2010

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Though I’m not much of a gamer, I swung by the Tokyo Game Show last Saturday since I know from past experience that it offers many interesting photo opportunities.  It was as crowded, as noisy, and as flashy as I remembered, but the exhibits, game demos, and masses of people provided plenty of chances for snapping a few (100+) pictures.

I ended up taking mostly pictures of the other photographers there.  Honestly, the gear that some of those people have is just crazy.  Reflectors, ginormous flashes, monster cameras (often more than one camera), and what I can only describe as a nearly obsessive determination to snap as many pictures of their favorite charactors/actors as possible.

The cosplayers (obviously) drew the largest crowds of photographers, many of whom were willing to line up for a chance to spend a few minutes taking pictures.  Some of the costumes were very well done (though I didn’t see Alphonse 🙁 ) but I was not quite dedicated enough to line up for my chance at a photoshoot.  All my pictures ended up being slightly to the side, usually trying to include another photographer in the image as well.

I’ve uploaded all images to – no tweaking done aside from a resizing.

EDIT: Tet also went (though on a different day) and took some pictures as well which can be found HERE.


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