*tiptoes quietly back*

Apologies (to anyone aside from family who follows this blog (^^; for the long silence!

My parents and brothers came to Tokyo for a 2 week holiday and I kind of put writing updates on the back burner.  In retrospect I should have at least put up a small post indicating why I was not writing, and I do apologize for that.


However, I did have the chance to visit a few new places and take some nice pictures, so write-ups will be forthcoming 🙂


  • Tet
    April 21, 2009 - 16:38 | Permalink

    You know, for the LONGEST time I had no idea that orz was a person… I always thought it was some sort of abbeviation

  • April 27, 2009 - 17:31 | Permalink

    I initially did too but a friend enlightened me. Glad to share the knowledge! 🙂

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