There's always terrible news stories on TV every day, to the point where one…

There's always terrible news stories on TV every day, to the point where one pretty much becomes desensitized to the never-ending images of violence around the globe.  However, hearing the terrible news of the shooting in Newton yesterday was heartbreaking.  I don't have children, but I genuinely enjoy being around kids and I know that I want to be a father myself some day.  

Learning that 20 children died in the shooting, that most (if not all) of them were no more than 7 years old… it twists my heart and I cannot begin to imagine the grief felt by the parents.

I went to the park today for my usual taichi lesson, and afterwards just spent some time walking around as is my wont.  While I was sitting down on a bench, I saw this father running around with his little daughter.  They were having so much simple fun that I sat there for almost 20 minutes, smiling as they rolled around in the leaves, battled with sticks, and played ball.  

This is what childhood should be about, for both parents and children, and I hope that this family didn't mind that I took a few pictures to capture and remember their happiness.

The world can often seem a dark place, especially after something like yesterday's shooting.  But watching these two made everything a little lighter for me.

Good night.

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    Well said +Jeff Matsuya. Next weekend I intend to watch a lot less news and play with a lot more sticks. Good Night.

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    Very well said….

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    Thanks +Brian Kemper , +Hernand Pollaruste .

    +Brian Kemper , sounds like a great idea  🙂

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    ????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????

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