The chicken is the star of the show :)

Used to have pet chickens when I was young – remember one day rescuing a crippled baby chick that we’d found lying on a garbage heap back in Togo.  Took her home, fed her yolk with an eyedropper, and kept her warm with a towel wrapped in a hot water bottle.  Though her feet always remained crippled, twisted so that her “toes” pointed inwards, she survived to have her own little chicks in time. 🙂 In fact, the chicken in the Youtube clip is almost identical to her in terms of color and size!

Still think chickens make better pets than rabbits!  Definitely don’t agree with Herzog’s saying that “…chickens are cannibalistic and horrible. What is most frightening about them is when you look directly into their eyes: what looks back at you is dullness, death and dullness.”  True, chickens do eat meat – but so do gulls, eagles, hawks, vultures, owls… you name it!  Chickens are cute >_<


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