T'ain't Pinocchio

Puppet shops seemed to be fairly common in Prague, at least around the old quarter and castle area.  These are not the cute little dolls one usually thinks of though – they're often a little scary, if not creepy.  Saw plenty of witches for example.  Still, most of them weren't quite this big!

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    Yay!  Are you familiar with Jan Svankmeyer's puppet + movie work?  He does stop action plus RL plus marionettes plus MADNESS.  Definitely check his stuff out… there are a few compilations of his films you can find around.  Bet you'd love it… his Faust story is exciting and creepy and cool. =)

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    +Jack Murray , I hadn't heard of him before, but did a google image search for his name just now – looks a little scary!  But can definitely see the cultural influence there 🙂
    I'll check out videos online later – it's getting late in Tokyo, and if the images are any indication, it's probably not something I want to watch too much of just before hitting the sack (^^;

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    Haha, yes.  I'd recommend some wakefulness.  Hope you have a good day and fun with those later. =)

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    oh yes jeff
    when i was in london
    i saw shop with facemasks
    of prince charles,mother queen
    and so.
    it was brilliant!but expensive as usual.
    you can find it near THE MALL
    near ELISABETH ROAD (victoria coach
    well worth visit

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    Anita, those are wooden puppets, not plastic.  The marionettes are all wood. =)

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    may i jack
    ..whats your job?
    puppeter or expert on muppets?
    btw.. most famous are miss piggy,
    fozzy bear-the muppet show!!

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