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Sakura Everywhere

This sakura shot was actually taken quite some ago, 2011 in fact!  I was going through my sakura shots of the past couple years, just to see the difference between how I took my shots then vs. now.  I definitely did not like most of my older shots.. But I thought this was pretty.

Probably won't post anything else till Monday as I have a lot of other (non-sakura related) photos to edit, but I figure this is a good image to end the week with 🙂


Settings: D90 / 210mm / ISO 250 / f5.3 / 1/200s

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Sakura at Yasukuni

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I went to Yasukuni yesterday in hopes that the cherry blossoms would be out but due to the extended chill this year, it looks like we’re still a week away or so before they’ll be out in full force.  Still, I managed to find some trees that have already started to bloom in defiance of the winter, and got some lovely pictures which can be seen in the photo section.  These were all taken at Yasukuni Shrine, and I plan to head back there again in another week or so for a few more shots.