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Tokyo Street Lights

I have more time to go though my photos now that I`m taking some time off to spend with visiting family.  Actually just came back from an overnight trip, and drove back through the city.  Since I`m not a frequent driver (owning a car is not really necessary for daily life in Tokyo), it`s always with some trepidation that I get behind the wheel on Tokyo streets.

Still, we made it in one piece, lived to drive another day (^^;

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Sometimes it’s fun to stand in front of interesting posters/signboards and time your shots with the people passing by.  Got lucky on this one, where this fellow looks like he’s about to get romantic with the leading lady on the poster.  😉


My shot for 12/12/12 @ 12:12 🙂
Taken during my lunch break in #toranomon #Tokyo #Japan ( #street #121212 )