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Holy smokes, I just noticed that the spam count has skyrocketed – over 600+ spam comments caught this month alone!  It would appear that spammers don’t take holiday breaks – December 25-26 (depending on which timezone you happen to be in) has Akismet catching well over 100 spam comments.  Spammers need to get a life, seriously.

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What a depressing way to go

“He died while testing a concrete canoe” – that is one heck of a depressing eulogy.  I mean… when I first read the story, I wondered what on earth the kids could have been thinking.


However, a quick Google search brings up THIS, which implies that concrete canoes do actually serve as engineering/structural challenges in those respective fields of study.  Nonetheless… a very sad way to go… 🙁


A work of heart

Came across this in the news today and thought it was cool enough to put up: 

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Here’s the link to the story from Asahi


Mustard and hamsters – describing airline food

This is an excerpt taken from what is one of the funniest complaint letters I have ever read:

…I’ll try and explain how this felt. Imagine being a twelve year old boy Richard. Now imagine it’s Christmas morning and you’re sat their with your final present to open. It’s a big one, and you know what it is. It’s that Goodmans stereo you picked out the catalogue and wrote to Santa about.

Only you open the present and it’s not in there. It’s your hamster Richard. It’s your hamster in the box and it’s not breathing…

To read the rest of what a less-than-satisfied passenger of a Virgin Atlantic flight had to say about the inflight food, and to see pictures of the offending food itself, click HERE.   🙂

And, if you’re feeling curious about more airline meals in general, check out THIS site.


Jeremy, Janine, Jericho, Jennifer, J… oh forget it.

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Just read about a woman giving birth to octuplets – EIGHT babies – yesterday.  That is just amazing – but I have to say I hope that doesn’t happen when I decide to have kids!  2 kids… 3 kids… 4 at absolute most is ok, but no more.

I love children, but the thought of having 8 of my own would drive me bonkers.  My mom already confuses the names of me and my brothers – and there’s “only” 4 of us!  Plus, the costs involved – worrying about putting them through school, feeding, clothing, housing… 🙁

I can’t imagine what life for the new family is going to be like, going from a family of 2 to a family of 10, but I do wish them all the best – certainly don’t think there’s going to be much of a dull moment for all concerned 🙂