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Philosopher's Tree

I had the chance to go to Hokkaido last weekend, hoping to catch some sunrise and sunset shots, but unfortunately the weather chose to be very uncooperative.  (well, weather and smog).  Still, got a few shots that were interesting, including a couple of long exposures.

As you can see from this album, I rarely shoot LE, so I'm still working out the best way to get rid of the color casting caused by the filter, which tends to make everything a very deep blue.  Still need to experiment and practice a bit more obviously..

Despite the bad weather, I still had a good time – thanks to +Jason Arney , +Agustin Rafael Reyes , +Aaron Tang , +Nithin Selva , and +Kanna Nishimura for the pleasure of their company!

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Off to work

The weather is turning cooler here in Tokyo, and one of the effects it has on me is the desire to want to hibernate.  It's so much harder to get out of bed when everything is chilly and the sky is still dark.  I'd much rather stay under my warm blankets…

This shot is a nice reminder of summer, also taken in #hokkaido   earlier this year.  Like this little bee, I guess I really need to go off to work now…

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It's Friday!

At least, it's Friday for those of us in this part of the world.  😉

This was a lovely field of sunflowers that we stumbled upon during our trip to Hokkaido earlier this year – we grabbed our cameras and managed to take a few shots before being shooed off (pleasantly enough though – I think they've had experience with camera-crazy folks who just can't help themselves :p

Hope this is a pleasant lead-up to the weekend for you all 🙂

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Another quick add to the Hokkaido album.  This is a shot of a tree popularly known as the "Philosopher's tree", though I'm not sure of the history behind the name.

Our little band got up before the crack of dawn to drive out here and wait for the sun to rise.  We weren't alone; there were already other photographers also waiting for the sun to rise, some of whom had apparently made the trip several times before.  With mornings like these, it's easy to understand why.

Technical bits: D90 @f16, ISO200, 1/400s

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Fudou Falls

Going through and working on my 366 projects today (it's been raining all day, so not much incentive to go out), and came across some shots that I never got around to processing.  This was during my trip to Hokkaido, back in July.  I'm not sure why I still haven't gone through this set because I really like some of the images I got there.

I remember this particular image because the water was fairly frigid – yet we all shucked off our shoes, rolled up our pant legs, and waded into the water with our tripods.  The results were well worth the chilly toes 😉

A couple of shots will be duplicated between here and my 366 album, but I'll try to keep those (duplicates) to a minimum.

Time for bed as I have early wake up tomorrow for work, so good night all!

Technical stuff: D90/f8/16mm (24mm FX equiv)/ISO 200

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My Hokkaido photos is one of many sets that I still have to go through – there are…

My Hokkaido photos is one of many sets that I still have to go through – there are just so  many photos I took there!

For now, just a single addition (a panorama) to this album as I need to rush to work.

Have a good Friday (or Thursday evening) folks!


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