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Landmark, reflected

It's been a while since I've done #hdrphotography and it was fun to dip into it again. This is a familiar building for most people who've been around Yokohama (the Landmark Tower), and was taken last Sunday.

It was a lovely day, bright and sunny, and I was able to fire off 3 bracketed exposures handheld with my D90 with no problem. Again, being able to go around and take pictures of places other than my work area is great. 🙂

I actually have a B/W version of this shot that I like equally, but thought I'd brighten up my #creative366project album since I've been a bit heavy on the monochrome lately. (^^;

Have to be up a bit early tomorrow, so g'night from Tokyo!

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March 25, 2012 – Landmark, reflected

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