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Before and After – Victoria Peak in HK

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I took the picture above when I was in HK last year (click to embiggen).  On one of my rare evenings off after work, I took the tram up to Victoria Peak and took some pictures.  It’s shots like these that make me glad I shoot in raw – while the picture as it stands is (barely) “ok”, it really pops when you’re able to bring out the light.  The final result is a pseudo-HDR image, involving editing in RAW to first bring out the light, with additional processing in Photomatix.  You can see the “after” image on my gallery page HERE.


HDR Image – Trumpeter at twilight

Added another HDR image in the gallery.  This was a three shot merge taken in Ginza back around mid-November.  Yes, the streets were already all full of Christmas decorations and the stores all dressed in the festive best!  I was out with JS, and we were waiting for S so that we could look for a particular piece of jewelry when I suddenly looked up and noticed this trumpeter.  I thought it was rather neat, in an old-fashioned, gritty way and took a quick bracket of shots.

The shot isn’t my best attempt at HDR, but I think it’s interesting enough to post.  All in all, a good day since we found the jewelry for Josh too! 😉


HDR Image – Art Sculpture in Singapore

I’ve added another HDR image to the photo section.   This was taken late one night on my way back to the hotel, but unfortunately, I don’t quite remember what the name of the station/building was!

It appears to be sculpture of figures either in the performing arts (dancing, ballet), or athletes.  I took this picture from the side instead of the front since I didn’t have a tripod and needed a wall to rest the camera on.  It’s a bit bizarre, but interesting.

Link: Art sculpture in SG


HDR image – Mitsukoshi in Nihonbashi

I haven’t had any time to post lately – lots going on at work, and lots on my mind.

I have uploaded a picture to my photo section though – it’s an HDR of an unusual display at the Mitsukoshi department store in Nihonbashi.  It’s not really possible to make out all the detail since the display is so massive and I had to shoot from a distance in order to get it all within the frame, but I like the picture nonetheless.

You can see it in full at http://shashin.njmatsuya.com/?p=72

UPDATE: I’m also going to include a close-up crop of the display here. It’s actually so intricate that it’s hard to make out what it is. I can see a woman in the middle, who looks like she might be standing on the ocean. Above her is a bird, perhaps coming out a cage and flying towards her?

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