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I just realized that I really have not taken many images of Japan's iconic Mt. Fuji – I've climbed it multiple times, but have not really viewed it from a distance.  Hopefully I'll be able to fix that this year, starting with this shot.

This was taken with fellow 'togs +adithya anand , +Agustin Rafael Reyes , and +Jason Arney last weekend in Izu.  Big thanks especially to Jason and Agustin for planning in advance good spots to shoot from.  Also, all three were very good sports about enduring the occasional "matsuya maneuver", a special driving technique of mine that involves mixing up the left and right directions.  You should try it sometime, it does wonders for keeping one's passengers hearts thumping.

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The world’s a big place.. (Taken on the way up Mt. #Fuji / #MtFuji , #Japan earlier this year)


lone structure on the side of Mt. #Fuji , #Japan


Morning #sunrise from Mt. #Fuji , #Japan


#sunrise from Mt. #Fuji , #japan