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Fudou Falls

Going through and working on my 366 projects today (it's been raining all day, so not much incentive to go out), and came across some shots that I never got around to processing.  This was during my trip to Hokkaido, back in July.  I'm not sure why I still haven't gone through this set because I really like some of the images I got there.

I remember this particular image because the water was fairly frigid – yet we all shucked off our shoes, rolled up our pant legs, and waded into the water with our tripods.  The results were well worth the chilly toes 😉

A couple of shots will be duplicated between here and my 366 album, but I'll try to keep those (duplicates) to a minimum.

Time for bed as I have early wake up tomorrow for work, so good night all!

Technical stuff: D90/f8/16mm (24mm FX equiv)/ISO 200

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