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FIT 2010 Charity Run

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I know I’m behind on the picture challenges, but I’ve decided to postpone it until brother J3 has finished one of his uni projects and is able to send a submission as well.   In the meantime, I’ve added another gallery to the photo section!

These are pictures taken last weekend, during the annual FIT for Charity run in Tokyo.  I had originally signed up to participate as a runner, but as I was still getting over the bug I picked up in HK I went along with Josh to provide moral support – and take pictures.

I’ve picked up a lot of photography tips from Josh during his stay here (one of which has given me an idea for the next challenge) and on this day I had the opportunity to work with natural lighting.  It’s really cool how sun+clouds make for a fantastic natural diffuser.  Between the two of us, we shot over 1,200 pictures that day alone.

I’ve uploaded the FIT 2010 pictures to the usual shashin.njmatsuya.com.  I know some pictures may seem a little dark, but I didn’t have time to go through and lighten anything – all pictures are straight out of the camera, only resized.  Also, I’ve noticed that monitor quality makes a huge difference – on my glossy laptop screen all pictures seem well-lit, but on one of the older monitors I use at work, most of my pictures seem pretty dark.

I’ve taken pictures at each FIT event since 2008, and I’m pretty happy with how these turned out!