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Biker cat

I know I posted this one to the #GPlus2YearAnniversary  group album before, but I wanted this in my own album as well since I rather liked it.  Plus, I was taking care of 4 cats this weekend, so it seemed fitting.

This weekend went by too fast… Monday again, and time to head off to work.. (T_T)

Settings: D800E / ISO 200 / 105mm / f3 / 1/200s

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Pictures of Juice

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Back in mid-August, I had a guest stay over at my apartment for a few days.  Her name was Juice, and she was my taichi sensei’s neko companion.  She needed a place to stay for a couple of days while S & P were out of Tokyo, and I was glad to have her over.  Juice took a day or so to settle in, but after a while, she seemed to understand that despite my wacky hairdo, I was actually pretty harmless.

I enjoyed having her over, though as she is somewhat elderly we mostly just chilled out.  She gracefully deigned to let me take a few pictures of her which I’ve posted up on the photography section of my blog.