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Kaze no namae

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I’ve already mentioned how much I enjoyed Patrick Rothfuss’ “The Name of the Wind”, so even though this was an utterly unnecessary purchase, I simply couldn’t resist get the Japanese version of the book when I found it on Amazon Japan.

As is the case with many foreign books (ie Harry Potter), the book is split into 3 separate tomes, each with its own jacket artwork.  The books themselves are very nicely bound with quality paper, and there’s even a map!  This is mostly a collectible, but who knows… maybe one day I’ll pick up enough Japanese to be able to read it.  Yeah…

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My books!

I don’t think I’ve posted these before, so here are a few shots of where I’m keeping my books now!  (plus a sofa that I got for surprisingly cheap online – though it turned out to be WAY smaller than I had thought it would be).  The bookshelves were fun to put together – they’re actually “expandable”, so if I were to ever move to another place with higher ceilings, I could make them taller, adding at least 1 more row.

I love books. 🙂

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