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G+ 3 Year Anniversary Photowalk #2

As mentioned in my earlier post, this is the second batch of images, post-Haneda.  And now, I'm off to bed – good night from Tokyo!  🙂

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G+ Mt. Fuji Photowalk – image set #2

I'm slowly going through all the photos we took on the G+ Mt. Fuji photowalk last weekend.  

I'm trying to (more or less) upload the images in chronological order – the first set started from our departure point at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo, the 3hr bus ride to the 5th station on the mountain, and the warm-ups before we started off.  

Now you see our group as we started off – still full of energy, and no aching muscles yet.  😉

One random encounter as we were climbing was of a few people carrying what appeared to be a mini statue/replica of Mt. Fuji.  Perhaps some of my Japanese climbing friends can chime in to explain what that was about since I couldn't understand a word they were saying (^^;

More pictures to come in the next couple days…

Have a great day folks 🙂

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