Quick update

Sneaking in another quick post from work since still no ‘Net access.  Not that I particularly miss it too much right now – less distraction while I focus on unpacking, cleaning, and putting things away.

In terms of progress – I finally have gas up and running which means I can now have hot showers again!  I’ve realised that I’ve become quite pampered since leaving Africa.  There, cold showers were the norm, but I think since Jakarta I’ve almost always had warm showers.  So… Thursday and Friday showers were a bit of a shock.  Heck of a way to wake up though, I’ll give you that. 😛

Aside from the gas being turned on, I now have a gas “conro”, or countertop grill/burner combo.  I think this is the one I got.  So I will be able to start cooking soon! 🙂

The remaining “big” appliances I need to get are a fridge, washing machine, and microwave oven.  Following that will be a bed at some point (still sleeping in a bundle of blankets on the tatami floor), shelves, table… lots more money to be spent. *sigh* 🙁

One “downside” to having one’s own place (at least in its current state, where things are just too messy to invite people over) is that it can get somewhat solitary.  I’ve always been a bit of a loner, but even when I was ensconced in my little room at my old place, there always were people there, even if I didn’t interact with them.  Here, it’s a different sort of solitary, and it’s bringing some negative emotions.

Ah well, perhaps the weather (raining solid for the past 3 days) has also contributed to my moodiness.  Pity I’m not like some people who can get a lift out of shopping, because I’ve been (and still will be) doing alot of that! 😛

Hehe, so much for a “quick” post – I’d better get back to work!


  • June 1, 2009 - 08:33 | Permalink

    Is that a total of Y32,800? Yikes, it that’s the cost of a tiny sink top cooker, can’t imagine what the other appliances will cost!

    Know what you mean about the ‘loneliness’…I experienced that too when I first went to Africa, but I think you will get used to it after a bit (some suggestions: keep the radio/TV on a news or classical station – it gives you some background noise; find a kitten; get a plant, or we can always send Jess over if you need company.) 🙂

  • Tet
    June 1, 2009 - 16:59 | Permalink

    Congrats on getting your stuff moved and getting your first stove top!

    I know you live all the way in Tokyo and I’m here in Yokohama but… If we can agree on some sort of mover… would you be interested in buying my fridge? =o

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