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I realize that I'm now well over a month (and a half!) behind on posting my #creative366project  photos!  I was already a couple of weeks behind before I went on holiday in the US to attend a friend's wedding and visit family and ever since then I've just fallen further behind.

Still, I've been taking pictures every day (crappy though some may be), and I'm going to be making an effort to catch up as much as possible with posting before I go off on another work-related trip next month.

Rather than posting one by one, I'll do them in batches to avoid spamming your streams – here's the first 13!

Goodnight from Tokyo all 🙂

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May 19, 2012 – Tokyo International Forum

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    I've looked at your profile periodically, wondering where you'd disappeared to. (Now I see that I've missed several of your posts … I was sick all last week and it meant it passed in sort of a blur.) Sounds like it's been busy, busy, busy!

    I have sort of discontinued the project. I think that technically if I went back, I have drawn something or photographed something every day, but I haven't been posting them as a "thing a day." I would say that I've reaped a lot of benefits from doing it, though, and I will probably do something similar again in the future.

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    Hi +Ursula Rodgers !  I know that I more or less completely dropped off G+ for a period of time – it was a pretty hectic period, and coupled with the lack of consistent internet access, I just let things slide for a bit, rather than stress over it.
    Any particular reason that you've discontinued the project?  I'm just curious, because I will be the first to admit that right now I'm struggling as well.  I've reached a point where at least half the time I'm just thinking "I've got to take a picture – any picture, just to get it over with for that particular day, and creativity be damned".  That's not a mindset I'm too happy with, so I'm sort of readjusting (ie, giving myself excuses) my mental goal to just look at it as an exercise in perseverance…  
    I am starting to think that 52 projects are more manageable if one really wants to pursue creativity since that gives some time to actually plan out what to shoot.  

    Regardless though, thank you for participating as much as you did and I'm really glad that you feel you got something out of the project.  I also appreciate all the help you provided in terms of curating too and look forward to seeing the non-366 stuff that you post 🙂

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    I got busy in May, I was doing a drawing-a-day project for the month. And I know those could count for this project too, but I was really trying to make it mostly photography. Also, I was participating in a photography scavenger hunt and many of the photos I took for that,  I couldn't post for the 366 because they could give away who took the other ones. But I'd have to say that the real "problem" was that it helped me discover/reconnect with some things I'm passionate about, so I wanted to do those instead of focusing on getting that one shot or whatever for the project.

    So I'd say it's really a win-win situation – I'll pick it up again soon probably, but for now I'm all about my Denver Project, drawing, and film photography. 🙂

    The mindset you're talking about was my problem with so much else going on as well – draw something for the day, take possible scavenger hunt photos, maybe some Denver Project ones, and then try to take one "just for the 366." Not an attitude I liked much either. I think the 52 week ones may work for some people … I tend to just procrastinate with a longer deadline. 🙂

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    Sounds like you discontinued the project with great reason +Ursula Rodgers  !  I'm glad it's helped you "re-discover" other areas that you are passionate about exploring.  🙂

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    Hello Jeff! Glad to read you again 🙂
    It is actually more difficult to post every day even if you are not happy. Maybe the passage of six months? I have probably a few holes, but it does not matter, I met wonderful people and learned enormously particularly in the post-processing with my Iphone and I love that! :))

    Have a great sunday Jeff! 🙂

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    I'm hanging in there! I'm a a rank amateur so I'm not "planning" too much and just trying to capture what strikes me on the day. I loved this project and it's challenges :o)

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    I'm glad that you're also feeling like you're getting something out of the project +michelle vitard !  🙂

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