Mmm, food!

Speaking of holidays and cooking resolutions, I have yet to post what I’ve cooked!

I recently got a Healsio microwave steam oven, and I have to say that I have been very pleased with how it’s working.  I’ll try to do a writeup about it later, but for now I just wanted to put up some images of my holiday cooking.

On the days leading up to Christmas, I’ve made both chocolate chip and molasses cookies, a whole roast chicken, stuffing, and corn bread.  (I also made tons of mashed potatoes as well as gravy but not using the oven)

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On the table we have stuffing in a pan, the roast chicken, clam chowder in a crock pot (though the clam chowder was from a can – I just added raw shrimp), roast potatoes and carrots, corn bread, and molasses cookies! 

More images below, though none are of very good quality – this  represents a full day of cooking and I was pretty wiped out by the time everything was done.

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I actually cooked way too much for just 3 people (myself, S, and her sister), so next time I’ll have to remember to cut down a little!


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