Internet Connectivity is go!

Been away from G+ for a little bit as I've just moved to a new apartment.  It's been a long and tiring process, and the fact that my new place is beside Kanpachi-dori (a busy and NOISY road, even at night), compounded the stress.  (I now hate motorcycles with a passion, at least those riders who feel the need to gun their engines repeatedly in the middle of the night)

I'm still unpacking my stuff, but I finally got my internet connection up and running today, so I'm back online at least 🙂

Had the chance to hang out with some friends that I hadn't seen in a long time last Saturday, and later that evening headed to Asakusa to catch the end of the "Tokyo Hotaru" festival.  

The glowing lights in the river are created by LED's that float downriver, simulating fireflies (don't worry, the lights are later caught in a net downriver, so there is no harm to the environment).  It's a pretty sight, though the crowds of viewers make it tough to move around…

It's good to be back online, and I should be posting more (at least once I get more of my stuff unpacked).  Good night from Tokyo!

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    Great to see you back Jeff 🙂 I'm sorry to hear about those riders 🙁 this is a stunning image 🙂

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    Thank you +Joanna Kolokitha  🙂

    +Andrew Westbury , thanks!  As for the midnight bikers.. hopefully I will get used to it.  I can't wait for electric motorcycles (and cars) to become more common!

    Arigato +biwa mori !

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    Yep I bet you can't wait for electric vehicles to become commonplace, until
    that time maybe use a stinger device? Lol not that I condone that sort of
    behaviour 😉

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    Lol +Andrew Westbury , I would cause a major pileup if I were to attempt something like that, as this is one of the major roads in Tokyo.  :p
    My dream is that they limit traffic speeds along this stretch of the road between the hours of 11PM to 6AM.  🙂

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    Hehe I was hypothetically speaking of course …cough! 😉  Fingers crossed they do something about the noise  🙂

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    Of course +Andrew Westbury !  😉
    And thanks 🙂

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    LOL I'll cancel the shipment of the stinger then?  Have a great evening Jeff!!!

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    For now +Andrew Westbury , for now…  😉
    Have a great evening too!  🙂

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    Hehehe Cheers Jeff! 😀

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    Nice picture! Yeah, I'm not a fan of the Yankee's but luckily where I'm at I rarely hear them.

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    Thanks +Alex A !  Yeah, I was thinking of them in terms of bosozoku, but in this case I reckon Yanki/Yankee and bosozoku are interchangeable.  I do understand the fun in going fast sometimes, just not at 3AM in the morning near residences…

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    But, it's fun BECAUSE it's at 3am in the morning…

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    O rly +Neal Hicks ?  I'll be sure to send them your way then, I'll be glad to share the fun!  😛

    And… nice to see you on G+ man! 🙂

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    Send them my way for sure! I'm sure they'll have some difficulty crossing the ocean, so I think I will be safe!

    It's good to be on here as well! I love all your pictures like crazy….

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