In the concrete jungle

It's interesting how things look different when viewed through a camera lens. I walk past here every weekday (and sometimes weekend) and generally think of the area below as a pretty open space (for Japan). After taking this shot though, I feel like the buildings are looming, closing in upon everyone.

I like that the guy on the phone has an appropriately worried look! (maybe that's why his keitai/cellphone strap is so massive, full of good-luck charms?)


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March 22, 2012 – In the concrete jungle

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    Oui, il y a une sensation d'étouffement , peut etre est ce seulement l'expression de cet homme qui donne cette sensation…. En imaginant qu'il ai un grand sourire peut etre toute l'ambiance serait perçu différemment :)) Nice time Jeff !! 🙂

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