Shortly before Josh left Tokyo to head back to Philly, he and I headed over to Odaiba to check out the new Gundam statue they’d recently erected in order to promote both ecology and raise awareness of Tokyo’s bid to host the 2016 Olympics.  It was a ridiculously sunny day and I got nicely sunburned, but the statue of Gundam itself was very impressive.  For anyone intending to see it, best head over to Odaiba before the end of August since I believe it all comes down after August 31st.

We wandered a bit more around Odaiba after checking out the Gundam statue, to places like the mini Statue of Liberty, and Tokyo Big Site (though no exhibitions were taking place on that day).  There was also an absurd homage to Obama nearby – in one of the pictures below you’ll see a cutout of Obama, and people were encouraged to stand beside it and scream “Yes, we CAN” as one of the staff took their picture.  Obama-mania has even reached the shores of Japan.  Far be it for me to speculate on politics, but I have heard that people are so enamored of Obama because of both his charisma/clean image and his positive message of hope, which apparently is sadly lacking in Japanese politics (at least since Koizumi stepped down).

Enjoy the pictures of Odabai below – ALL courtesy of Josh, so please ignore the “copyright N.J. Matusya” text that was auto inserted – ALL images are his. (he also took pictures of people taking pictures, quite interesting)

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    Just curious…how is Gundam eco-friendly? Also, see someone I know in two of the pics 🙂

  • August 23, 2009 - 00:30 | Permalink

    Not quite sure what the relationship is between Gundam and eco-friendliness…perhaps it’s just promoting awareness, or perhaps there’s a link there that I don’t know (I haven’t really watched this anime series). And shhhhh! The person must remain anonymous! :p
    (though TWO pics? I only saw one…?)

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