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I use Chrome exclusively at on my home computer – have done so ever since it came out.  It’s blazing fast, I love the search-in-address-bar feature, and it’s quite stable.  Plus, with the newly implemented extensions capabilities, it can be just as full-featured as Firefox.  I still use the Firefox+noScript combination at work though – I don’t like the fact that Chrome doesn’t allow the option of specifying just WHERE you want to have it install to.  Found out the hard way after installing at work and wondering why suddenly it was taking forever to log on and off my system.  Of course, it was the Chrome install, which had bloated my profile by several hundred meg.

For home use though, I think Chrome can’t be beat (though I still use IE for work access).  Here’s a rather neat video showing the capabilities of Google Chrome.  A low-tech (but effective) advertisement from a highly technology-driven company.

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    Comment edited – it was a real ad 🙂

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