First “home-cooked” meal (but not really)

This was the very first meal I’ve “cooked” at my new place.  A work of art, a effort of olympian proportions, ambrosia for the tastebuds….well…mayhaps I exaggerate a little.

It was simply 2 packets of instant “heat-n-eat” “ume” okayu mixed with some ginger soup spices. 😉

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Pretty tasty though!  At some point I’ll try to make okayu from scratch since it really is “comfort food” – its equivalent in Indonesia (bubur ayam) was one of my absolute favorite foods there.  Healthy, very versatile, and light on the stomach (making it perfect for breakfast or dinner, or simply when you’re not feeling well) okayu and its close cousin “ochazuke” can be enjoyed by anyone and I think was a perfect first meal. 🙂


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    Yum! Will have to try that next time we’re in Japan. Maybe you can include a package of the instant in our next ‘care’ box…and what a cute ‘Care’ (or is it Pooh?) bear bowl 🙂

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    The bowls are part of a series of snoopy and winnie-the-pooh bowls I collected while I was still at TUJ. The combini would give points for buying certain items and once you collected 30 points, you could choose a cup, plate, or bowl. They ran that campaign for a while and I collected quite a few. They’ve been in storage up until now! 🙂

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