Been in a bit of a creative rut photography-wise lately, so I've been trying to shoot a little differently.  These aren't my usual nature, or street, or even macro images that I typically post.  But in a way they're also all of those.  These were all taken on the street, just focusing on specific portions of things (so in a sense, a "macro" of a building) 😉

And, you could say that they're part of the "nature" that is in Tokyo.  Most people may not care for these types of shots, but I did get some satisfaction from shooting them, and hope that a few others may as well.  🙂

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    Always good to try new things. You never know to which new magical land experimentation will take you.

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    Indeed +Thomas Paris !  🙂
    Btw, it's been a while, but did you say that you were coming to Tokyo?  It so happens that the cherry blossom season has just started – I'm sure you'll be seeing lots of these photos in your stream 😉

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    I did say that and I thought I was going to come in April but the trip's been postponed. Maybe until Fall, but nothing sure yet 🙁
    I've found the cherry blossom difficult to photograph. Or more exactly, I've found it difficult to say something new about it. Maybe your experimentations will help you find that new voice?

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    That's a shame +Thomas Paris , we have a D&C get-together this Friday, would have been a good time for you to mingle with the other G+ Tokyo photogs.  Hopefully you'll make it during the fall season 🙂

    As for shooting a sakura in a new way… hmm… that remains to be seen.  Maybe a multiple exposure of macro in black and white?  Perhaps focusing on a single petal?  😉

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    Fingers crossed there's a D&C event when I'm in Tokyo…

  • March 26, 2014 - 08:24 | Permalink

    There's one every month, usually at the end of the month, so hopefully you can make it!

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