Eclipse follow-up

A couple of posts back I wrote about the upcoming eclipse.  However, for most of us living in Tokyo, it was pretty much a no-show.  With the clouds and near-constant drizzle obscuring the sky, there sadly wasn’t much to see.  I even got out of the train a few stops before my usual station so that I could take a look at the sky at 09:55, but I couldn’t even tell an eclipse was happening.  All in all, very disappointing. 🙁

However, thanks to the internet, we do have some pretty cool footage already available and here’s one of the best ones I’ve found so far:

Finally, here’s a link to an aggregate of eclipse pictures – some of which are simply amazing.

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  • July 25, 2009 - 09:55 | Permalink

    Truly awesome. Things like this bring tears to my eyes and this song immediately springs to mind: This is my Father’s World

    Such a contrast to this morning’s news about continued troubles throughout the world. In my humble opinion, people need to slow down, look around, and let a little love into their hearts, and seriously wonder ‘why is the world the way it is?’. What are we chasing? The most important thing is relationships. There is a power beyond us puny humans and we need to let that love and truth into our minds and hearts. People yearn for goodness. I think the time has come for us to seriously contemplate what life is really all about and what is our part in making it better.

    Not my intention to get all preachy, but when I see something so awesome in nature, it makes me reflect on the longing of creation to interact with us.

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