Before and after, part 2

After loading all I own in this world onto the mover’s truck, he drove off while I took a train (there just wasn’t enough space left in the truck for me to go along).  As a result I got there a little earlier than he did, and I took the time to snap a few shots of my new place – before the deluge of boxes and miscellany inundated it.  See below. 🙂

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Fast forward one hour later, and this was how it looked.

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And yes, I’m still going through and cleaning/organizing/unpacking everything.  Happily, at least half of of the boxes have been unpacked.  Of the remaining boxes/stuff, at least 2/3 of it consists of books that I don’t have shelves for yet.  The final 1/3 is lots of little random items and assorted paperwork that I really need to organize…

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