I wrote a post previously on what my old room looked like BEFORE the move (actually added a couple more pictures to that gallery) and now here are the “after” pictures of my previous place.

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I think I did a pretty good job cleaning actually.  Stayed up all night long packing, and finished pretty much literally when the mover rang the doorbell.  While he started loading the van, I had time to do a quick dusting over of things, and even vaccuum so timing-wise, everything worked out pretty well. 🙂


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    If I’m not mistaken, the ‘after’ begins with pic six…whew, I now realize the work you have ahead of you to find places for all that stuff in your new digs! Don’t push yourself too hard; hope you could get some rest over the weekend. 🙂

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    It’s more like a progression series of images :p

    For example, even though there are still clothes in the closet, at least the top is now clear, and so forth. I’m doing a good job organizing at my new place, but I HAVE to buy shelves this week!

  • arumanda
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    congratulations and a big ???? jeff. it’s so exciting that you have a home of your own to be in as you please. and after having finished the exhausting process of moving and unpacking, you can breath easy, enjoy those books and smile big when you unlock that front door of an evening.
    don’t forget to eat your ?????!
    take care

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    Arumanda! It’s really nice to hear from you and I’m sorry for having dropped out of touch for so long. 🙁
    I will write you a proper email soon, I promise! Thank you for your comment though – I’m already feeling happy to have a place of my own to go back to every day. It’s so different than how it used to be. But what is ?????? A special kind of soba?

  • arumanda
    June 11, 2009 - 19:18 | Permalink

    yes yes. of course. every time you move you have to christen your new abode by eating the special soba. well, it’s just ordinary soba really but you eat it when you ?????????? (move)
    it’s originally a tokyo tradition and has pretty much died out, but was given to you by your new neighbors when you first set up house. i wonder if there’s any word play on the fact that ‘soba’ also means ‘next to’. anyway, it’s a nice tradition.
    in this day and age, it’s rare your neighbors will come knocking with the soba, so you’ll have to treat yourself and get slurping. i always cook myself some soba when i move!

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    I didn’t know that! Sadly, no neighbors have come by bearing gifts of soba. 🙁

    But I did buy myself some somen recently and will look around for soba next – have to maintain the traditions! 🙂

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