A quiet morning = brief update

It’s been wonderfully quiet at work this morning, hence a small posting (watch the phone start ringing off the hook as I begin typing…)

It’s been very busy lately.  The workload feels like it’s doubled over the last month and in addition to that, I’ve begun driving lessons (which was one of my “resolutions” for the year actually).  I actually signed up on September 27th, and since I do not want this to drag out, have made it my goal to complete the course/pass the tests/get the license by the end of November at the very latest.  So far I am on track to meeting my goal – I’ve just obtained my learner’s permit and, assuming I don’t get sick and miss classes (I’m mentioning that because I’m actually not feeling all that great right now), I should have all my lessons completed by the end of October.  Fingers crossed.

For those who are interested, I’m taking lessons at the Koyama driving school.  It is expensive as all get out, and it’s taken me some time to save up for that but…shouganai I guess…    The fact that the lessons and tests are all in English is what tacks on the extra premium.  On the other hand, the staff at Koyama do take good care of you and have been extremely helpful in helping me get my schedule all worked out and answering all my questions.

Last Sunday I passed the first half of the course and got my Learner’s permit – which means that I am now legally able to wreak havoc on the open road! (as long as someone else with sufficient experience is in the car with me).    The test was a bit nerve wracking since I haven’t taken tests in… wow… 4 years?  (since uni basically).

The test for the learner’s permit consists of a written (well, more like true/false) test, and a practical (driving) test.  I squeezed by the practical with the minimum score required (70 out of a 100) and somehow also passed the written though not sure by how much – I just know that to pass one needs 45 out of 50.

My next 2 weeks + weekends are going to be crammed with work + lessons – here’s hoping I don’t get sick and am able to finish everything!

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    Huge congrats on passing the first part of your driving test! Wish you well through all the busy coming weeks. Please take your vitamins and supplements. If you have any Oregamax, now would be a good time to take it (three times a day). I did that a few weeks ago and warded off a cold/flu that was going around. Taste is a bit nasty til you get used to it, but it works! With your long hours and busy schedule, you need to boost your resistance. Drink lots of tea and water, too 🙂

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