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I’m not quite sure what to think of her…

She certainly has passion for the ninja turtles (I did too when I was… 8? 9?) but… hmmm…

Food & drinks

A gingerous obsession

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I love ginger.  Ginger in tea, ginger in soup, ginger with fish, ginger in soda, ginger in rice… I have been known to disturb my friends with my habit of downing hashi-fulls of gari by itself.   I don’t know why they seem perturbed – it’s sweet but spicy,  juicy and… just delicious as is!


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When I was visiting family down in Canberra some time ago, I was introduced to Bundaberg’s Ginger Beer – cold, with bits of ginger floating inside, sweet yet spicy (a very important difference compared to something like ginger ale which doesn’t taste gingery at all).  I’ve been trying to find something similar in Japan ever since without much luck.

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About a year and a half ago, something very close to ginger beer came out in Japan.  It was called “Diabolo Ginger” (??????????) and though it didn’t have little bits of ginger in it, the taste was great.  I hoarded as many bottles of it as I could until they stopped selling it after just a few months (I don’t know why they stopped 🙁 ) – I still have 2 bottles in the fridge at home, unopened for almost a year because I can’t bear to finish what may be the last 2 bottles left in Japan.


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Today I stopped by a combini as usual to get an onigiri for breakfast on my way to work – and saw a bottle with the label “Calpis Soda Ginger” (???????????????????)!  I passed the display of drinks and then literally did a double-take, my eyes round with disbelief.  But no, there it was!  Calpis with GINGER!

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Why was I so extra excited?  Well, Calpis soda (check out their funky website!) just happens to be my very favorite soft drink (I don’t care for Coke or Pepsi, or much other carbonated drinks – only Calpis Soda ????????)  So my favorite soft drink with ginger…we’re talking about something that could possibly approach the status of bottled ambrosia here.

Unfortunately, that was not to be the case 🙁

I downed the bottle first thing upon getting into the office and – sufficed to say, it didn’t meet up to my expectations.  For one thing, possibly the fact that it’s labeled as “Zero Calories” explains the very flat taste.  Secondly, the ginger flavor is almost non-existant.  I WANT to feel the kick, the spike as the ginger flavor hits my tastebuds.  Sadly, this particular combination of ginger and calpis tasted worse than either of the flavors individually.

So… I’m back to searching for more ginger drinks in Japan – worst comes to worst, once I finally get my own place, I might try brewing some of my own~!