What exactly is the benefit of this bill?  I understand that any nation has secrets…

What exactly is the benefit of this bill?  I understand that any nation has secrets it needs to keep in the interest of security, but there does not seem to be a clear definition of what constitutes a "secret".  And it's the government that will form this "third party" to determine the interpretation of a secret?  Conflict of interest much?

Or can anyone explain why this is a good thing??

One of the most controversial points of the bill is that it allows bureaucrats and elected officials to arbitrarily widen their interpretations of what they deem to be state secrets. And it has no definite mechanism for an independent panel to verify whether these designations are appropriate, although the government has announced plans to form a "third-party" body to oversee this process.


Abe’s LDP fast-tracks state secrets bill in waning Diet – AJW by The Asahi Shimbun


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    the benefit is that anytime an information somewhat embarrassing for the government will risk leaking, then they will invoke this new law to hammer anyone who would consider making it public… Journalists and any activist will get scared, like in China…

    It's extremely convenient for the bulk of dirty politicians who prefer to keep their laundry behind closed doors.
    Imagine if they had this before the Fukushima incident: it would have been possible to impose a total blackout on the situation! or to jail anyone who would leak information about it…

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    Exactly!  In its current format, this bill doesn't seem to serve or benefit the public in any way, but rather just gives the politicians more power to hide behind.  I really hope that it doesn't get forced through, and that it can be modified into something that doesn't try to squash freedom of speech.

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    Now, now. When have laws ever been designed to serve the public? If, by chance, they actually do, then it's likely not the primary reason for the law.

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    But this one is especially dangerous

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    Booh!! Is all I can say.

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    +Albert Holk , +Antoine B. , indeed..  though I would like to feel that (at least at first) laws were actually created with the right intentions in mind.  But that adage about power corrupting… 🙁

    +holger feroudj , I've read recently that Germany is actually doing well in terms of supporting those who would speak out – very good to hear.  http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/leakers-privacy-activists-find-new-home-in-berlin/2013/11/26/272dc7fc-4e1d-11e3-97f6-ed8e3053083b_story.html

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    Oh yeah +Jeff Matsuya, privacy and freedom of speech are hot topics in Germany.

    Also, on a side note, on the topic of privacy, NSA etc, I don't think I know even one German who uses their real name on Facebook or G+ … ok, maybe I know a handful, but we're really sensitive to privacy issues.

    Anyway, Japan, Freedom of speech, hello? Stahp.

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    Just speculating… I think they desperately need to hide something about Fukushima … And that's why the rush…???

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    That's a scary thought +Shital Sevekari !  I hope that's not the case…  but how could hiding something about Fukushima be considered a state secret?  That is something that, if were true, would have enormous backlash, and the LDP would completely lose all support..
    I thought it was because of the current NSA/Snowden things that have come up, and they want to have measures in place to prevent a similar scenario from playing out, while also showing to other countries that they can hide secrets too..

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    as long as the backlash is not too soon, they like to enjoy their power and help their friends make money…
    Those guys never learn that everybody falls ultimately

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    Every govt has secrets they would like to protect. But the rush around this bill points to Fukushima??? Especially considering the Olympics at the door.

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