The show's about to start

Took this yesterday evening in Koenji – these dancers were standing down a small side road getting ready to perform.  

The Koenji Awaodori takes place every year at the end of August, and features a weekend where dozens of performing groups dance in the streets for hours.  The street dances officially start at 5PM, but I highly recommend going there earlier in the day as there are often impromptu shows popping up all around the town (I managed to film  brief video of one which I'll upload to Youtube soon).  
There are also theater performances, but I have yet to catch one of these – next year for sure! 

If you're in Tokyo, you can still catch the last day of performances tomorrow – definitely an experience worth trying!
For better images, check out +Jason Arney 's stream – he's been shooting these for a couple years now and knows more about them than I ever will.

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    Nori, my stream is dead.

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    Picture…YES…Motion…Light…Shade…Colors…Background…) + ATMOSPHERE…COMPOSITION…

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