The absurdity of PC

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Sometimes it feels like the world is just getting sillier and sillier.

Judge: References to God Okay During Inauguration

The whole issue of “politically correctness” is just getting out of hand.  The idea that the government is “violating one’s Constitutional rights” by allowing Obama to go ahead with his wishes to include the words “so help me God” as he takes his oath of office is just absurd.

At what point do they (those filing the lawsuit) expect to draw the line if this were considered a valid complaint?  I mean, one can (I’m sure people do) find fault with anything and everything.  I can understand where the concept of “Political Correctness” (PC) comes from and in the right context it is valid, particularly when it is used to defend those that experience genuine discrimination (whether in the fight for women’s rights, color/race issues, age discrimination, etc., etc. – that list could go on forever since humans have a distressingly vast track record of finding ways to abuse their own species)

But the ever-increasing effort to achieve a completely PC society creates its own poison when people take it too far.  After a certain point, such as in this case, you can start saying that it’s becoming politically incorrect to be politically correct!  Ye-es… I can listen to the argument that Obama, as one who is soon to take the position as grand poobah president of the country, could potentially be seen as endorsing a particular religion/way of faith by his choice to conclude his oath with the words “so help me God”, and that might (well, it apparently HAS) offend some, perhaps non-Christians, atheists, agnostics, or what have you.  But what about the man’s (Obama’s) own beliefs?  Shouldn’t he have the right under the Freedom of Speech act to also say those words if he so chooses?

I personally am glad that he is doing so.  In my mind, it simply represents that he is willing to hold himself accountable for his actions over the next 4 years to his faith in God.  (of course the cynical side of me also points out that it could be a nice political move attempting to cement/garner support from the large Christian demographic, but let’s not go into that – I’d rather be an optimist 🙂

By pursuing the concepts of Political Correctness to such extremes, we are trying to achieve tolerance of everything… by being intolerant of everything.  And this circular logic – well, it won’t lead anywhere.

As my mother so succinctly put it: ‘giving rights to others with a different viewpoint should not mean that one loses one’s own rights!”

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