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Eat your hambugers if you want blond hair!

I bought a TV very recently and though I mostly use it to watch US TV shows that I’ve…”obtained” *cough-ahem*, I do occasionally switch it on to see what’s showing on Japanese TV (the 7 or so channels that are broadcast for free).  Most times, the programs consists of sports, news, and extremely bizarre-if-not-downright-ridiculous TV talk shows.  So I don’t watch Japanese TV all that much.

One night though, there was a program in English! 😯 I couldn’t stay up too late (early shift at work the next day) but I did spend a few minutes watching the show, which happened to be a discussion between a Japanese and a Westerner on a new (for me) Japanese word – Y?shoku.

Essentially a “redefining” of Western food by the Japanese, Yoshoku includes such staples as “Omurice“, “Curry Rice“, “Spaghetti Napoletan”, and “Hambagu”.

I could write more on this, but I came across an excellent article available at the NYTimes on this very topic (and also explains the subject of my post). 🙂