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First Tai Chi session of 2009

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It’s been almost a year now that I’ve started Tai Chi lessons – hard to believe it’s  been that long!  Unfortunately my progress has been very very slow, because I just don’t practice as much as I should.  🙁

I’ve found that I  like the peacefulness of tai chi and that it’s done outdoors under the trees.  It’s both relaxing and clears the mind – something that’s good, almost essential, to do in a city like Tokyo.  I used to do Taekwondo some years ago… wow… almost EIGHT years ago now??  Goodness… time does fly – it certainly doesn’t feel that long ago!  While I do occasionally miss the activity involved (there’s a certain satisfaction to be had every now and then from pounding the stuffing out of one of those target pads), I think at this stage of my life tai chi is very good for me.

There is a lot of stretching involved, which is really good (though I constantly constantly forget the order! >_<) and the forms are harder than they look!  I always have to remember about my balance, about having a focus (instead of just meandering all over), and not rushing.  Done right, (like when Stephanie demonstrates) it’s very graceful, but at the same time very powerful.  I have a very very long way to go before achieving that balance, but little by little I’m hopeful that will come 🙂

Following are some pictures of the park where we do the taichi – the park looks much more peaceful than it usually is in these shots, I suspect because it’s too cold for many people to be walking around.  There is a small homeless population that lives in the park and while they are usually quiet, I do dislike the fact that many of them smoke 🙁 Otherwise, there are also alot of joggers, families with children, people walking their dogs (only got pictures of Waka and Hime this time – gotta get one of Marron!) and other people practicing various sports, including other tai chi groups.  There’s even been the occasional Chinese sword practitioner there! (didn’t see one last Sunday though)

Here’s to the first lesson of year – I look forward to the rest!

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Takadanobaba park

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