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Morning Calm

Between work and apartment-hunting, I seem to have less and less time to work on my photos, which gives me the sads 🙁

This image was taken on a weekend trip to the Mt. Fuji area a short while back with +adithya anand , +Agustin Rafael Reyes , +Jason Arney , +Meg Y. , and +Tim Buerger .  We'd hoped to get a once-a-year image of the sunrise over Mt. Fuji, but cloudy skies prevented us from getting anything more than a peek of the mountain.  

Still, despite zero-degree temperatures, staying awake all night, and missing the sunrise, I still got some shots from the trip I was happy with.  

This was one of them.  🙂

For the near future (at least until I find a new place and move by middle of May), I guess my post rate is going to continue to be fairly slow, but I'll be around!

Good night from Tokyo folks.

Settings: D800E / 180mm / ISO 100 / f8 / 1/25s

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Another #dawn / #sunrise shot from #MtFuji , you can see the morning #fog still covering #lake #yamanaka ( #yamanakako ) #Japan


The world’s a big place.. (Taken on the way up Mt. #Fuji / #MtFuji , #Japan earlier this year)