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+1 for charity

I know I've posted this image previously – early last year in fact.  However, I've decided to submit it for the +Plus One Collection  project as well 🙂

You can get involved too!  More information regarding this project can be found here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+IvanMakarov/posts/c54Y13Ljif2

The theme this year is "Our World", in the categories "Our Planet", "Our People", and "Our Creations".  This time, the charity being supported is the Samburu Project, which aims to provide clean, safe drinking water in Kenya.  http://www.thesamburuproject.org/

So chip in any way you can!  Submit your images, get the book (or e-book) when it comes out (it's always a fantastic collection of images), or just spread the word.  

Good night from Tokyo!  🙂

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Will her wishes be granted?

This was another shot from Meiji Jingu shrine earlier in the year.  Though it wasn't quite "Coming-of-Age day", these young ladies beat the crowds (and as it turns out, the tons of snow that fell the following day) by visiting the shrine a day in advance.  

While strolling around the shrine, I caught sight of these young ladies heading towards the prayer section and so I circled around to get in front of them, hoping to get a shot of them in prayer.  Unfortunately, the crowds were so thick that they were continuously blocked until the very end when the crowds parted momentarily and I snapped this young woman as she was stepping away.  She looked so gleeful that I couldn't help but wonder what she had just prayed for – it looked like something fun though!  🙂

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