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Piano cat

I know the cat is not really playing, but he/she’s cute – and remarkably relaxed!  Mom pointed me to this, courtesy of Woot! 🙂


I think they’re just having fun in these commercials

These are rather old, but thought I’d post them for those who might not have seen them before.  Nicholas Cage in particular looks like he just took a couple of insanity pills, but I’m sure he’s just having fun 😛


Scuba kitty

Cute… I think?


The Backstroke of the West

According to the blurb on YouTube, the reason for these horrible subtitles are because it was translated to Chinese and then back again into English.  I have no idea why… but the results are hilarious! 😀

Kind of reminds me of the pirated VCD’s we used to get in Indonesia – those often had numerous typos and the occasional “what-were-they-trying-to-say” sentences, but this particular one does take the cake. 🙂


Going through the old stuff

While packing, I discovered this old laptop:

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I have NO idea where I got it from or why I had it…

Running Windows 98 with a hard drive less than 1GB, and a whopping 48MB of RAM… by today’s standards, completely obsolete.  But it works fine!  Bootup and shutdown are snappy (heck, faster than my current Vista system) and the hardware all worked perfectly.

I’m hanging on to it still actually… if only for nostalgia. 😉

P.S. And that last picture is of a hard drive I had as well – one with a  humongous 500MB capacity. :p


Quick post from work!

Was communicating with a coworker in Singapore and as he was getting ready to leave he sent the following email:

Taday is Eat Your Family day in Singapore and we all get to go home early.

While I was sitting there wondering what kind of barbaric customs they had in Singapore, he replied a few minutes later with Oops, I meant Eat With Your Family day. – at which I laughed out loud in the office.

For those who don’t know what he’s referring to, today is apparently a day that participating companies let workers go home earlier than usual so that they can spend a little more time with their family.  A practice I definitely think JAPAN should adopt!

For a little more info on Eat WITH Your Family Day, click HERE.


Play dead Baillie!

Baillie’s a funny little dog – reminds me very much of a little corgi that always comes around when we do taichi on weekends.  At first we always thought that he was genuinely happy to see us – but then soon noticed that after greeting us he would look expectantly at his owner who would then give him a little treat.  As soon as he got his treat, the corgi (named Marron) would dash away from us to go find someone else to greet.  A little depressing actually… dashed our illusion that he just simply loved us so much. (>_<;

At least Baillie is not being bribed to be friendly with others, just to play dead! 😉



Japanese Spiderman

Spiderman has always been one of my favorite superheroes, even more so than Superman, Captain America, any of the X-Men, etc.  However… I’m not sure if I would still have considered Spiderman “cool” if THIS had happened to be my first exposure to the character!  Right now though, I just find it hilarious. 🙂



More Cadbury cuteness

I don’t really see what the gorilla has to do with chocolate, but I like the music~