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Harajuku Crowds

Most people who have visited Japan are familiar with this street in this photo – Takeshita-dori in Harajuku.  Lined with dozens of small boutiques, stands, fast-food stores, and cafes, it's a popular destination for the younger crowd (and tourists) in Tokyo.  

I actually took this image on the day of the yellow sand storm a few weeks back – fortunately I was not caught in the middle of this crowd when the storm brewed, and I scarpered as soon I saw the clouds building up.

It's been an odd weekend for me – most of it slept away.  Had to go in to work on Saturday, then came home and fell asleep around 5PM to next morning.  This morning went out for taichi, then came home and slept again!  And I'm still tired, not sure why… I'm actually looking forward to getting back to bed as I type this out.

Tomorrow's back to work, so enjoy the rest of your Sunday, wherever you are.  🙂

Settings: D800E / 105mm / f4 / ISO 100 / 1/200s

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