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Walking the straight and narrow

A common sight on the streets of Ginza on a weekend.  However, this weekend may see fewer pedestrians out and about with the typhoon Man-yi heading our way.

Looks like tomorrow may be a good day to stay home!

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HDR Image – Trumpeter at twilight

Added another HDR image in the gallery.  This was a three shot merge taken in Ginza back around mid-November.  Yes, the streets were already all full of Christmas decorations and the stores all dressed in the festive best!  I was out with JS, and we were waiting for S so that we could look for a particular piece of jewelry when I suddenly looked up and noticed this trumpeter.  I thought it was rather neat, in an old-fashioned, gritty way and took a quick bracket of shots.

The shot isn’t my best attempt at HDR, but I think it’s interesting enough to post.  All in all, a good day since we found the jewelry for Josh too! 😉